Tuesday, 22 November 2016

V/A - Party Pooping Punk Provocations! 1985

A very nice evening comes to an end and as a coronation now this compilation from Xcentric Noise Records with eighteen rare UK punkrock stars. An amazingly good mix of different styles, almost every info in the insert and the only thing that bothered me is the Gelaber between the songs so I have simply deleted this shit because the plate is so more attractive and believe me, you will miss nothing because it's simply superfluous. To be honest, such shit really needs nobody. I did not know this record before (and I love compilations) and find it really felicitous. It stands Volume 1 on the front cover but a second part, to my knowledge, is not published.

- Special Thx for this to Mr.Fredrik -

1.So Much Fun - STUPIDS
2.1984 - STUPIDS
3.He's A Killer - DEATH ZONE
4.Rot In Hell - DEATH ZONE
5.Fear Of God - QUEL DOMMAGE
6.Strange Life - SELF ABUSE
9.Protest With Action - ATROX
10.Another Nightmare - SELF ABUSE
11.Patriot - PROTEST
12.Taken Too Many - STUPIDS
13.Waltz Of The New Wavers - STUPIDS
14.Nobody Cares - THE SAMPLES
15.Book Of Death - ANIHILATED
16.Instigator - QUEL DOMMAGE
17.Is This Tomorrow - ATROX
18.Third Generation - PROTEST

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