Monday, 21 November 2016

DROWNING ROSES - Things Are Not The Same 1988

Very good debut record by this German combo from Minden, founded in 1985 by Zahni (bass), Prüse (guitars) and Marco (drums) from the predecessor bands Human Decay, Phalliuc Symbols and Neurotic Arseholes In 1986 the first demo cassette with eight songs was released and sold about 500 times. Drowning Roses played a lot of concerts including with Government Issue, Instigators and Spermbirds. In the spring of 1987 the band released their own produced Aus Forschung Und Technik EP in an edition of 1000 copies. In 1988, the Hamburg label Weird System drew attention to the band and released the first album "Things Are Not The Same". On 10.09.1988 began for Drowning Roses a one-month European tour with the unknown US punk band NOFX. In the course of the tour preparation the drummer Marco left the band and the first half of the performances was replaced with a drummer from Hamburg. This proved to be not tour-compatible, so the second half of the tour drummer Jeff from Hanau took place. Jeff also played drums on the split single with NOFX. A new drummer finds the band in early 1989 with Bart from Bielefeld. This line-up had their first gig on 10th March 1989 in Frankfurt, together with Nonoyesno. The second record "Youth Of Metropolis" comes in summer via Roseburg Records. In the summer of 1990 the band took a six-week tour by an invitation of Fat Mike together with NOFX. After this successful tour the band split up. On this album are twelve melodic punk numbers with very good lyrics.


  1. It looks precious ! Many thanks and Nice week ;)

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