Saturday, 10 September 2016

THE YOUNG LORDS - Young Lords EP 1980

Out in the town of Halden right on the Norwegian/Swedish border in the late seventies, the band was named The Ice Cream Band (name inspired by a Jonathan Richman song) successfully opened up for hero Elvis Costello in Oslo in 1978, before drop this name for The Young Lords. By the time the band came around to releasing their debut album (Same Shit - New Wrapping) in 1980. Henning's songs and the band's musical qualities put them way ahead of the Norwegian punk/new wave music scene at the time. The Young Lords actually sold records and toured. By 1981 the road hardened quartet had expanded to a quintet, changed their name to Saturday Cowboys, left their record company for Norway's first independent , New Noise (partially owned by Henning) and recorded the album We Like To Watch with Norwegian renegade punks Casino Steel and Geir Waade as producers. Steel and Waade had just arrived back in Norway after spending formative years as card carrying members of the London punk explosion. Between them they had played with London SS (early Clash), The Hollywood Brats, The Boys and Wreckless Eric's band (source: The ModPopPunk Archives). Four songs = great record!!

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