Monday, 12 September 2016

BAD NEWS - 333xUp & Down EP 1995

One more record from the legendary 333xUp&Down series, 333 copies and today hard to get. So Bad News is very unknown and probably their only release and I think they're from Wesel. It's amazing how many such pretty pearls like this dug out again of dusty cellars and step into the light of the whole wide punk world and become a real true gem. This little four track piece is indeed a Killer and has a knotless '77 punk rock sound, catchy, dirty, short, aggressive and if a record starts with "Kiss My Ass" you know in which way it goes. All songs sung in English and you only know what's best for you. Too bad I have so little info about this band and I would be interested to see if there are any more releases. Well, I only advise you to grab this awesome groupie quickly, play it loud and enjoy their music. TIP!


  1. Bad fast (haha...I've really got an old 80's vinyl of a group whose name was this was funky or something similar...nothing to do with your post....) Have a "news" week :)

  2. someone post BAD NEWS for this DISTRICT split please