Wednesday, 28 September 2016

ROLAND'S GOSSKÖR - Pigs Part One EP 1983 + Genom Barriären EP 1984

Roland's Gosskör are a punk band from Åkersberga which founded in 1978. First they playing their first concert at Bergaskolans Uppehållsrum in 1978 under the name Fast Kids. They were class mates Conny Melkersson, Curt Sandgren, Johan Lindström and Magnus Lange. Magnus departed quite early when the musical direction of every little sketch and too much punk. Ola Olsveten came in and the name was changed to Roland's Gosskör. In Winter 1979 they recorded the first demo and it became a worldwide success in the circle of friends. 1980, drummer Olis could not or did not want to play anymore, so during a concert in front of 500 raggare hazardous they recruited their new drummer Patrik Trankell. 1982 the 2nd demo was recorded. The Exploited played this year in Stockholm, but they never showed up so the band was honored to enter the stage instead, the audience consisted of fifty skinheads. After a few minutes of scratching in the barn so the concert started and Roland had a new bassist, Åke. In 1983 the first EP 'Pigs Part One' came out and they had ten hours studio time at night to an "unbelievable price". The EP was pressed in 480 copies but no one wanted to buy it and in the end they stayed minus. So the band come in contact with Janne Dahlbom from Rosa Hornung and he had heard Roland's second demo. He works on the compilation Vägra För Helvete and he puts 'Gossen Franco & Maktbegär' on this record. So at the time a radio show called 'Lilla Bommen' rewievs the comp. and the voice says: 'It sounds as if all the bands are recorded through a telephone, except Roland's Gosskör.' So they were very excited and sent a copy of the first EP to Lilla Bommen and the song 'FBU' was elected as the most played song in the show in 1984. So the train started to roll with more gigs and new songs. 1984 the second EP was released on Studio Otukt Records with three classic '77 style punk smashers. Patrik went to Florida and they're playing now as a trio. The result is a song on the live compilation Birkagården Gärdet. Roland's Gosskör continued to play a whole lot out there. 1986, they went into the studio again to record their third single 'Långt Härifrån', unfortunately, there was no money to continue and so the record never came out. Around 1988 they envolved into NEIN and play together with Coca Carola a gig in Ultrahuset, it was the night the house burned down.

A limited cassette (Långt Härifrån) was produced and given to all who had been involved in the 'Sista Dansen' project. The cassette was a full set from the concert. 1990, the label Studio Otukt released the live split LP Sista Dansen (with Asta Kask) and it can not measure up to the inferno that the three concerts were for those who were there, but the LP proofs that it happened. 1992 saw a re-issue of the second EP on Beat Butchers and the band had a short reunion to play on their 10 year anniversary. Roland's Gosskör leave us with two amazing crazy records and have a permanent place when we talk about early Swedish punk rock.

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