Tuesday, 2 August 2016

S.I.B. - The Third World War 1981

From Greek to Italy, a short trip across the Mediterranean Sea, and visiting S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain), a short-lived Punk combo which started in summer 1980 by members Red (guitar), Dirk (drums), Hirschmann (guitar), Sidney (bass) and Tracy († 2007 ) on vox. They playing several great and powerful gigs and just after a performance at the Girasele Club in Ravenna in January '81 a producer of a small independent label asked the band to make an album. So in 1981 their only record was released via LM Records with twelve rousing anthems and in 1982 the situation inside the band became a total bore and after a gig at Cesena on June 28th 1982 Tracy and Red decided to leave definately, then the band get to break up. This is a small part of their bio, more on discogsI find it a bit sad that they have not singing in Italian but that's another story. Also necessary: Killed by Death #201 and My Girlfriend Was A Punk!

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