Monday, 1 August 2016

CHAOTIC DIMENSION - I'm Not Waiting 1996

A visit to the Music Not Noize blog is always worth and when I saw the Χαοτική Διάσταση (Chaotic Dimension) post I thought to myself "I know this band" and I immediately search my hard drive for the album. And I'm glad I found it. I love Greek punk because the greek punk bands express their anger and disappointment against the system and sing about life problems (racism, government's violence, love stories). The songs on this album are totally great, brilliant melodic punk which goes right in the head and stays there for long. The band create such beautiful songs and this album is a real masterpiece! Released by the famous Greek label Wipe-Out! Records in an limited edition of 500 copies. Meanwhile, this record achieved maximum prices up to € 100 (ridiculous!!). The band from Patra started in 1986, dissolved two years later and reformed in 1992, followed by a demo called 'Years Of Silence', an EP ('93), this awesome record and songs on various compilations and they still active. Superb record from a superb band and one of my favourites!!!

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