Sunday, 17 July 2016

WANNSKRÆKK - Riff (1980-85) 1992

Punk band from Trondheim, founded in 1979. The band had a precursor in Chloroform and was founded by Per Christian "Persia" Iveland (bass) and Kjartan Kristiansen (guitar). These two put together the group, and got out to Per-Øyvind "Prepple" Houmb (vox) after having tried a different vocalist, Kare "Gisse» Olsen played drums, and Kaare Summer was at first as second guitarist aboard. Wannskrækk had their first gig at Angelltrøa Fritidsklubb in 1979 and in 1981 they recorded their legendary debut EP 'Faen Kuler Treffer Aldri Riktig' followed by the s/t 12'' one year later, two absolute punk blasts which gained a cult following. After years of touring and the very positive reviews in the press over the country the band, however, came to a provisional end. Then in 1988 they released a split album with Liliedugg which contains live songs and the sound goes more into rock style. The Norwegian punk and alternative label Oh No! Records released in 1992 this compilation which contains their first both releases plus a few live tracks.
And here it is: great '77 punk lullabies and you will love it!

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