Saturday, 16 July 2016

V/A - Killed By Death #22 1998

Nothing new but now a post from my former blog. Always satisfied when I listen to a compilation when every song hits the fan and with the KBD series I do nothing wrong. This damn sucker takes possession of the world, from the United States to Japan and the quality is top notch! 500 copies are pressed on black vinyl with white & black labels. A shame it's so hard to find. Everything is fairly brilliant and the makers did again a very great job. More KBD stuff comin' soon so come back and get yourself a fuckin' beer!

1.Aerosol Burns - ESSENTIAL LOGIC
3.Drab City - FEATURES
4.Hjartats Slag - LIKET LEVER
5.Vomitas Sangre - LARSEN
6.Observer - STRIPES
7.Mystery Girl - FUGITIVES
8.Kulturel Forbaltnung - N.R.G.
9.Mein Kampf - COMMERCIALS
10.Amory Buildings - SCABS
11.Namesto Tebe - PANKRTI
13.Law & Order - SOZZ
14.Aujourd' Hui - PROP SACK
15.Bleib' Blöd - MORDBUBEN AG
16.Who Wants Guns? - SWINDLED
17.Killed By Kindness - CLAP
18.Industriemädchen - S.Y.P.H.
19.Susie - VORWÄRTS
20.Animal World - LAST WORDS


  1. Ok WILD think of you riping Fastway's third LP and thinking of our collector hobbie how I keep all from a band even the stinker LP and I only have the first revered and best Lp by Fastway' BUT sold the second so herein listening Iis a case in point and went to see on my work cell see I can't read your brute purple text on your posts at blog but different color is ok on my google chrome blog roll w this fine post. Oh yeah third I Fastway for this weeks post is what I call chemicals from hair product is bogging down this lame 80s hair metal band but ok a few knob twisters near the end of side two as when I thought of all this note now. Cheers as new spice back in fridge now fled yah. Off to swim after typical quick shower in hot sun oh but it is clear now

    1. Don't worry with the text, Via, sometimes I can't read too and I think it's a problem of blogger, even when I'm postin', annoys a bit. Stinker LP??

    2. all the collectors say the second album by Fastway is that lame hair metal bogged down sound and blank stare of too much fluoride in the water and so I called it that. I use a carbon shower filter and drink water by Auro solutions with teaspoon of Mt. Fuji water from many cycles up down mountain spring to wells cleans it also but I tell you I can smell the chlorine by-products on people as I go to the bar. I chose to keep the third Speedway and tomorrow you'll see I also kept the third by FIST also good and the third live LP by NUTZ with first SAGA as a request since the commenter say he don't like the sound of CD but my rips so I went and bought it.

    3. I use Shauma Shampoo to feel fuzzy, hahaha....
      SAGA is great, love their first six records, saw them live 1982, one of my first concerts.

  2. The Clap are from my hometown. In fact, I am going to see them play in 2 weeks.

  3. Thank you. Keep'em coming.