Saturday, 9 July 2016

TRIPPLE CRIPPLE - Rensar Stan EP 1981

Damn rare record by this four piece combo from Uppsala, they existed between 1980 - 1981 and members were Daniel (vox), Tomas (guitars), Bengt (bass) and Ola (drums). In their short lifetime, they have not worried much furore, the few gigs they played were exclusively in Uppsala and the surrounding area, nevertheless their EP is a real musical highlight with six wonderful '77 punk crashers, released on Quasimodo Records. First song I hear from the band was via the Killed By Death #50 compilation which is full with extremely rare swedish punk records from 1978-1982, an essential record and the song "Born To Fuck" is a real smasher. I would describe their sound as funny punk'N'roll, a nice folk sax instrumental in the middle, the rest is also strumming. Another song was used for the Powerpearls Vol.10 comp. and with "Ung & Grymm" on Svenska Tonårsgrupper Vol.3 one which is not here included. Fazit: Decent plate that is still good & fun.

- Many Thx to Fredrik -

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