Saturday, 9 July 2016

CHIN CHIN - Stop! Your Crying 12'' 1986

Once more Chin-Chin, a Swiss girl wave/punk rock band from Biel/Switzerland, active from mid to late 80s and put out this last record on Farmer Records in 1986. Karin (guitar/vocals), Esther(bass/vocals) and Marie-Anne (drums/vocals), and at the time experience wasn't needed, it was the desire to play. Technical ability was a bonus, a hunger to perform a must. So, although Esther and Marie-Anne had experience as singers for local band Sophisticated Boom Boom, neither had actually played bass or drums respectively before. Similarly, while Karin had some training in classical acoustic guitar, she'd never been in a band or played electric guitar before. It was veteran Swiss punk-rock band SOZZ that gave the eager girls their first break, letting them practice in their rehearsal room and lending them guitars and drum kit until they could afford their own and in November 1983, Chin-Chin played their first gig at the AJZ/Coupole in Biel. Three smashing noisy power-pop-wave-punk songs here from this Swiss trio and its always a pleasure listen to it.

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