Saturday, 14 May 2016

IDIOTS - They Call Us The Idiots 1985

Uhh...FUCK!!! It's raining outside and a bit cold again, time for another cool Punk record. Released via Mülleimer Records, another important German label in my opinion and posted by many other blogs but I listen to this album so often, reason enough to post it again. The Idiots from Dortmund are a alcohol-swiging bunch from Germany. They stumble between Oi-influenced sing-alongs and sloppy, enjoyable thrashers. This band opts for longer song structures and a pop style with moments of instrumental invention and even ingenuity. While the majority of this album sustains a melodic approach, there are welcome blasts of thrashy energy from time to time; too bad the compositions tend to fall into an earlier, less accessible German style.

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