Saturday, 14 May 2016

DER BÖSE BUB EUGEN - Zehn Jahre 7'' 1989

Last post for today is again a pretty nice 7'' from this Swiss Punk/Rock Band from Schaffhausen and they're active from 1983 - 1990, later changed their name to Eugen because they found their band name something stupid gradually. First regarded as the swiss version of Die Ärzte, yet their style was different and pretty own. The band released a few singles and seven albums and were much present in the swiss underground scene. The title track is taken from the 1989 album "Himmel, Hölle Und Der Fisch" and the B-Side has with "Lady Blue" an exclusive track. Both tunes (A in german, B in english) very melodic, groovy guitars, a lots of uuhhhhh and ahhhhhh's and lyrically it's about love, what else? Beautiful songs I can always listen... and I think you too.

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