Sunday, 17 April 2016

V/A - Ten From The Madhouse 1981

I discovered this compilation as I was looking for something from The Insane on discogs and there are two videos and both songs attracted immediately. So I leave a comment for searchin' this one. So as you can see it has worked. Released on No Peer Records this record has ten goodies with consistently unknown bands on it which have a non punkish sound (except Hoax & Insane), rather melancholic and 'calm' and very pleasant in-between in our fast living time. I enjoy this very well. Relaxed come down music on a gloomy Sunday like this. I hope that sounds bring you relax and beautify your day and listen to another one from Typhus to get more input.

- Special Thx to Fredrik for this -

1.Modern Times - QUARTA LITE
2.Hideaway - FREUDIAN SLIP
4.Out Of Reach - 21 MILES
5.Now We Are Heroes - THE HOAX
6.Religion - DARKNESS
7.Confused - MILITIA
8.Nuclear War - THE INSANE
9.You Can't Tell Me Anything - JUST PHASE
10.Strange Feelings - TYPHUS


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