Saturday, 16 April 2016

V/A - Killed By Death #9 1995

"All American Punk, No Foreign Junk" on Volume #9 and here we found more obscurities and even more rare punkrock from the good old days and what shall I write more about this awesome compilation? One great song hunts another and all tracks are Killers!! 2000 pressed on black vinyl with orange and red labels. Due to a "printing problem," about 200 copies have tan labels with red ink. The repress (of 1000) has a blue and black cover (as opposed to the white and black cover of the first pressing). All Killed By Death or Bloodstains compilations and bands have pushed open the door for a new wave of weirdos, because these types of releases will flourish the CD age. KBD would never go boring and I will never stop listening to it.

1.Break My Face - TAPEWORM
2.Blues For An Insurance Salesman - TAPEWORM
3.Police State - CRAP DETECTORS
4.Big Doings - CORPSICLES
5.I Wanna Kill My Mom - THE PANICS
6.Uniformz - NOTHING
7.You're Not Gonna Get It - EPICYCLE
8.Kill The Bee Gees - ACCIDENT
9.Suicidal Tendencies - THE JETSONS
11.Drunk & Disorderly - SHIRKERS
12.School Jerks - VAINS
13.Amerika First - GIZMOS
14.Better Off Dead - LA PESTE
15.On Whom They Beat - SADO-NATION
16.You're Full Of Shit - X-X
17.In Vagueness Deal - BREAKOUTS
18.Revolting Mess - ICE 9

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