Wednesday, 27 April 2016

BLAUPUNKT - s/t LP 1982

Another highlight from my Wanted List has emerged. The one and only studion album by this Norwegian wave/punk band. After their first EP Cupfinalen with three brilliant smashers they published two years later their famously debut album with twelve classic songs (of course with the hymn 'Maskin Maskin') on Sonet Records. Typical for the band is their melodic playfulness, harmonious riffs, here and there a shallow guitar solo, fast numbers mingle with melancholy and the woman can sing, all in Norwegian of course and Blaupunkt never sounds gloomy. They have power and this album is simply sensational. What then followed to the band is unfortunately not known because google gives no more information but this record is not re-released on CD. Yep!, another rarity which I want not longer hide from you. So, that's all for today, Champions-League is knockin'.

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