Monday, 1 February 2016


Early post-punk wave band and I absolutely have no further information about them. What I know is that two band members went to Berlin an founded Exkurs and they released an Album in 1981 called 'Fakten Sind Terror'. This record here is assuredly the only Modern publication, released via Iron Curtain Records in two different sleeves. Two sets to their music: Minimal Wave sound mixed with snotty garage guitars that reminds me strongly of the legendary KFC (delicious) and with "Mutual Affections" is a terrific Killed By Death classic present. Even though the songs does not spray the '77 spirit but they still have charm and I really like all the four songs. It's simply completely different and a rare record. So reason enough to post it in this theater. What I'm talking about at all, you will be suck the music anyway.

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