Friday, 12 February 2016

LA STASI - Llamando Al Manzanares 2008

Two years after their third album from 2006 on Chocho Asesino Records the Madrid based trio recorded in 2008 the songs for their next one. And again I must say I'm very pleasantly surprised because the three spit here twelve garage mid-tempo punk goodies in the air which makes really fun. Simple '77 classic snotty punk rock, no song reaches two minutes, exactly how I like it. Particularly noteworthy is the crazy singing which celebrate the boys here, may they recorded the songs in a nuthouse, fantastic!! After four years La Stasi continues to demonstrate that devices are not needed or poses which repeated a thousand times to show slogans or punk. La Stasi is a very active band, in their nine year existence they have already released five albums. They can be found also on the Killed By Qué? Vol.2 compilation. Feel free to take a trip to their MySpace site and I promise this band leaves you wanting more.


  1. Unknown band from my Fatherland.
    thnxs!By the way "Chocho asesino"= killer pussy or killer cunt (lol) nice weekend

    1. hehehe...... has what the name
      nice weekend :)