Friday, 12 February 2016

GROBER UNFUG - Kleine Schweinereien EP 1981

"Undistorted guitar, melodic bass, intelligent lyrics, for the Hamburg punk scene really an amazing project. Listen!" So a description I found and what we talkin' about is the debut record on Konnekschen records by this fantastic HH-combo. Three fine '77 punk goodies with slightly perverse funny lyrics, the band name says it all. The first, the title track, is a nice melodic tune with a decent tempo. Track two surprised with a deep synthie backtone, sounds a bit NDW style but with the fat bass-line and the damn good lyrics are but miles away. The last one is a nugget, a stomper which seeks its equal, "Titten Titten Titten", a perfect refrain, haha... a year later they released their only album 'Beat Und Glück' and then they disappeared. Great German KBD Punk!


  1. ...find ich auch super!
    Und da ich die noch nicht hatte hab ich neulich - als ich in Hamburg weilte - von 'nem Bandmitglied (hallo Toni!!) noch eine aus'm Restbestand geschenkt bekommen - ätsch! ;o)

    1. Venus und Neptun hatten es gut mit dir gemeint, hehe...