Sunday, 21 February 2016

KLOTZS - .com 2005

Nice evening yesterday in Wiesbaden with my Friends from Klotzs, a band you're all waitin' for: 1, 2, 3, 4 Punkrock! Yes, that's Klotzs from Siegen, formed 1997 and they have released over the course of their existence a lot of singles, EP's, two full length albums, one 10'' and this megarare CD. How many of them were pressed is beyond my knowledge. Klotzs are absolutely D.I.Y. and come up with always something new, for example: the Angang EP has a wallpaper cover, the Schnür EP was corded with shoelaces, mostly in coloured vinyl and limited. Like EA80, they do their own thing and that's one more reason for me to buy their stuff. This Silberling comes from the presentation very chic and the CD here is a smaller three Inch one in a therefore specially manufactured packaging made of cardboard, of course with a few notes and lyrics and strictly limited. I'm sure they is sold out quickly. - At this point, my special thanks to iNgo for the great scans, Prost!!! - A few words to their sound. They make emotional noise punk, which is mostly fast, loud and agressive. Like a slap in the face. Inbetween then oscillates slightly a melancholy mood, which mainly through the voice of the singer and the thoughtful texts is generated. Try a sound clip on their MySpace site and maybe you get a stimulation or visit them at home. B.t.w., they toured a lot with EA80 and if you have the chance to watch both togehter you'd be a fool to miss this gig. One, Two, Three, Four...Punkrock!

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