Friday, 19 February 2016

CIRCLE JERKS - Live @ Fabrik/Hamburg 02.12.1987

Start today with a tape which I bought in Hamburg at a gig in 1990 I think. During my community service in Lüneburg I visit the second largest city in Germany because there was the action. The Fabrik is a cool location in Altona and I recommend you should have to go for a gig or something like that. A lot of good bands I saw there, Razzia, Dackelblut, Slime, etc... acute acoustic and always an excellent atmosphere. I think these recordings underline that a litte and let yourselves carry away. The Circle Jerks are one of my favourite US punk bands, always energetic and wild on stage. The sound quality is quite good and with over thirty-three songs, a decent mix of old classics and new songs, full with power and fun, ca. eighty minutes. Today Mr.Keith Morris toured with OFF! and you should stick your head in the sand if you didn't known. So I hope you like this post, was a small marathon for me (tape rippin' is truly a long mission).

Wönderful/High Price On Our Heads/Beat Me Senseless/Behind The Door/Back Against The Wall/Casualty Vampire/All Wound Up/Making The Bombs/Operation/Letter Bomb/In Your Eyes/Living/Killing For Jesus/When The Shit Hits The Fan/Deny Everything/Mrs.Jones/Wild In The Streets/Coup D'Etat/The Crowd/Tell Me Why/World Up My Ass/I,I & I/Nervous Breakdown/Fortunate Son/15 Minutes/Love Kills/Just Like Me/Put A Little Love In Your Heart/Wasted/I Just Want Some Skank/Beverly Hills/Red Tape/Don't Care/Paid Vacation/Golden Shower Of Hits/I Don't


  1. Was nice to see your comments on this old favorite band of mine as well who I finally got to see (they cancelled MN a few times and were known for not showing up in a small little market like ours) but finally in 2003 when I lived off Sunset Blvd. a block party on Sunset! Incredible, I knew all the words and songs. Actually in college on the tour for Wonderful album we saw them there at First Ave. as I just looked at my large bulletin board lacquered epoxy over old ticket stubs at First Ave mainly shows and they are there for that tour I think they finally made it after I had lost trust a bit back then. But anyways thank for another banner post! P.S. did you get the Piranha's 1980 album I just put up? Great old oi type for the Bhoys! as Jock from the Bollocks a facebook friend would say! Hanx!

  2. yeah, they're always amazing. Saw them on my birthday in 1987 I think, with Gang Green. I remember it very well, I had fuckin' headaches and wanted to stay at home but I had the ticket so I enjoy the ride...unforgotten...
    Piranha's??? gonna get this, cheerio!