Tuesday, 2 February 2016

KLEENEX AKTIV - Weisse Rosen 7'' 1982

Kleenex Aktiv was a follow-up of the legendary punk heroes Dirt Shit from Vienna. The original bandmembers from 1981 where Rolli Rostig (vox), Billy Nutella (guitar), Harry Müller (Bass) and Ronnie Urini (drums). The Band was the best sounding pogo punk band until 1982/83 when they changed to New Wave/Pop, a result of the cooperation with a major label. The fast and faster drums of Ronnie and the massiv guitar & bass of Rolli & Harry sounded like an explosion in the heart of Vienna. Their concerts where legendary, but they never found a way to record a song in a studio that met the expectations. In 1982 they recorded this 7'' on Panza-Platte Records which is not really bad and shows how great they're potential are. In 1985 the band broke after a lousy second 7'' called "Hilfe" which is a bit too poppy, not bad but not comparable to this one. Check them on Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft! and Heimat Bist Du Großer Söhne and the mega three record compilation De Guade Oide Zeit.

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