Tuesday, 9 February 2016

DREAM POLICE - In Combat EP 1986

Well this rare piece of wax was for a long time on my Wanted-List and I don't know who sent this in but many many thx: Dream Police was established 1978 in Århus/Denmark. At that time, the band was under heavy influence of the english punk scene, two tracks on the Pære Punk compilation from 1979 include the punkiest songs the band has ever released under the name Dream Police. During the years members have been in and out, but Johnny Concrete seems to be the holder of the spirit. The band has adjusted to styles over the years, and some of the material has a more heavy metal style. The sound of today is more hybrid agressive, and you might see them live in Denmark. Overall, the band released three EP's and their debut 12'' called "Demise" from 1981. They're present on further compilations, noteworthy is the Hardcore Volume 1 on Starving Missile from 1988 with their fantastic song 'Rudolf Hess'. So all four songs are okay and even if they're very heavy metal the band have their roots in punk rock. Green vinyl on No Aarhus Records, megarare and now in the right place.

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