Friday, 15 January 2016

V/A - Dragonskolan (Live) 12'' 1982

This rare 12'' was recorded in Umeå at Dragonskolan in 1981 (organized as a drug-free music festival) and was published in ca. 300 copies by Brute Force Records, Umeå's only "real" record label around 1980. The record company was transformed by Lars Gillen around 1984 to Garageland Records and then they released some heavy metal records. On this evening, there playing jazz and blues bands from Stockholm and bands from Umeå. They decided to recording this album with four of Umeå' bands as document to show that it is possible to having a little slice of nice Swedish underground music, even if it breaks all financial resources, in their home town. So, that's punk rock! - Musically it's rather "quiet" here but all four songs are good and rockin' friendly.

1.Another Girl - STEVE ROPER BAND
2.Vi Hör Ihop - DAGEN D
4.Kom Till Mig - NYLLE & NALLARNA

- Huge Thanx to Fredrik -

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