Saturday, 16 January 2016


A leap in the far north and we meet Purrkur Pillnikk, an amazing band from late punk era from Iceland. The band existed for eighteen months (1981–1982) and were very active, they released at least two albums and one live record and two EP's. The distinguishable character of the band were Einar Örn's howling and off-key singing and his lyrics that most often described very day-to-day things but with a lot of interwoven angst. Members of the band later found themselves in KUKL and 1986 in the Sugarcubes. The band toured Britain in fall 1982. This is their debut album on Gramm records with seventeen short crackers with simple guitar riffs which is fuckin' PERFECT!! Search this blog for more. And now two new records arrived and they wanna be digitized immediately... I Love Saturdays! - See you.

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