Wednesday, 27 January 2016

URRK - De' E Dax EP 1979

Here's one more great 45er from a very unknown band with their only record. Self-financed and in small editions (300 or 500 copies) released, nowadays very rare and what we get are three fantastic punk smashers, b.t.w. awesome cover! A lot of good 45ers came from Sweden and I must say this one is definitely one of the best fuckers and if you don't know what means KBD then this sound is an excellent example. You can read more info at the essential SwedishPunkFanzines site, particularly interesting is the background to the grandiose cover. As I said, all three songs are brilliant, but my favorite is 'Lördagsurrkare'. The singer is there particularly motivated, haha.. he sang later in Razzia. Urrk are present on Bloodstains Across Sweden #3 compilation.

- Big Thx to Fredrik -

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