Wednesday, 27 January 2016

KUSCHELWEICH - Ich Küsse Dich 1981

As I rummaged in my record box today I found this gem from the 80's. I thought that I must rip the record as well because I've heard this a long time ago. So tepid as the band name might suggest the group was not for me, even if they were not as provocative as Hans-A-Plast, not as cocky as the KFC or quite as subversive as Slime. Kuschelweich offered laughter and factual stories of everyday life combined with simple punk and Poprhythms. Here & there a 'Schlager' (Azzuro is Azuroh, Silent Night / Tief In Der Nacht) or television melodies (Bonanza).


  1. hahaha, indeed.
    don't noticed that. capt'n kirk sings background :)