Thursday, 14 January 2016

THE EXPLOITED - War Now 12'' 1988

Formed 1979 in Edinburgh, The Exploited is a punk band from the second wave of UK punk and every punk knows them. Standing tall as a long-running paradigm of British hardcore, the Exploited - a name emblazoned on the backs of countless leather jackets - is musically harsher, darker and cruder than the Edinburgh band's '77 forefathers. So I must not leave a lot of words about them. They started out as a street punk band, before transforming into a faster hardcore direction, only with a heavy political influence. From about 1987 on they changed into a crossover thrash band. They signed to Secret Records in March 1980 and released their debut EP Army Life (which was #6 in the independent charts for eight weeks), followed by their best album I think 'Punk's Not Dead' which slogan is written on every grey wall in every grey city. Three Songs here, all well done!

- Special Thx goes to Fredrik -

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