Thursday, 14 January 2016


Brygada Kryzys (Crisis Brigade) or B.K. is one of the most important and influential Polish punk/rock reggae bands. The band was founded in 1981 by two well-known guitarist/vocalists from Warsaw, Robert Brylewski (formerly of the band Kryzys) and Tomasz Lipinski (from Tilt). This is the first album and the recordings were made between February and April 1982 in a studio in Warsaw. The Album is considered as the first officially record in Poland (....) with punk rock and new wave music. Appeared in the circulation of about 150.000 copies. It's understood that part of it has been directed to sell and has appeal because of the bold work of the team in the face of contemporary socio-political situation. Some critics, however, undermine the claim of milling of effort. The crisis in the music media poll for the best Polish post-war record came in second place. In March 1982 the recording company “Tonpress” opens a new studio in Warsaw’s Wawrzyszew district and begins looking for a band to test it. BK manager, Jacek Olechowski, suggests the group. Over a few days several songs were recorded and “Tonpress”, with hesitation, agrees to publish the record. The result is this awesome dark punk/wave record with nine melancholic punky tunes and I listen while I post this to Love A (the German punk band this hour, check their songs on youtube or whatever). - I'm in a very drunken constitution yet and all this info it stolen from fuckipedia. Anyway, this is a glorious record.

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