Monday, 14 December 2015

SLOTH - s/t LP 2010

This band we saw live and I don't know which was the headliner and when we at home my honey says: 'This is a bit strange!' Well, she was not wrong with it coz the music is certainly not everyone's taste but I like their sound, and certain is: this record brings me beautiful memories. Sloth are a punkband from Ohio and this is a compilation of fifteen songs pulled from various micro-edition singles released by various obscure labels and all but one sung by Neecie, the female voice of Sloth. I was a little skeptical before I get this record but all fifteen songs about animals & friends are charming, funny, sometimes a little weird, punky and in this combination the ultimate document of the beautiful side of Sloth. All two hundred LP's come in silkscreened covers, individually handpainted and stamped and released via Musikzimmer. Sure you can't get a copy but if you see one I can only recommended to buy this record.


  1. cool, dass du die mal live gesehen hast....habe die Platte auch, bei mir ist noch ne Bonus CD bei aber die kann nicht ganz mit der Platte mithalten...

    1. wann genau das war weiß ich nicht mehr doch der gig war hier in Ffm und ich hab keine CD dabei. Egal!