Sunday, 13 December 2015

SLIME - Live, Arena/Wien 1982

After listen to their debut album I became a punk because that was the sound I was looking for and suited me (my god, how long has it been). Vigorous political punkrock from Hamburg and their first five albums are all classics. Live an experience, energetic & aggressive. Had the opportunity in 1990 in Hamburg and the Fabrik's bursting at the seams, Pogo without end, my pants were totally torn and I have lost at least five pounds. The band was in top form and the crowd confirmed it with an incredible presence. One of the best and most fun concerts I have ever experienced.....unforgotten!!!!!! A litte bit info: Slime is a German punkrock band, founded in 1979 and disbanded in 1994. The pre-Slime band was called Screamer, and the post-Slime band is – contrary to the occasional rumors – not Emils (Slime backwards), but Rubberslime, with the member Elf. In 2010, the band reformed to play some concerts for their 30th anniversary. The band was founded by Michael "Elf" Mayer (guitar), Eddi Räther (bass) and Ball (Peter Wodok/drums). Some months later, Dirk "Dicken" Jora joined as vocalist. Christian Mevs joined the band in 1980 as second guitarist, and Ball left in 1981 and was replaced by Stephan Mahler. Slime were very influential to the German punk culture and their debut album was actually the first banned German punk album. They are often considered to be the prototypical German punk or Deutsch-Punk band. On 15.06.2012, the brand new album 'Sich Fügen Heißt Lügen' is released and in autumn they toured in Germany and Austria. This bootleg here has only classics on it, overall ca. forty-one minutes playin' time and the sound quality is in every way superb. And now: let's be live in Vienna!!!!!

Intro/Legal-Illegal-Scheißegal/Yankees Raus/A.C.A.B./Deutschland Verrecke/Hey Punk!/Alptraum/Bullenschweine/Streetfight/Ab Jetzt Gewinnen Immer Wir/Artificial/Polizei-SA-SS/Nazis Raus/Rip Off/Bundeswehr/Pseudo

- Extra Big Thx goes to Reinhard -


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