Sunday, 20 December 2015

R.I.P. - No Te Muevas! 1987

To linger in southern Europe we meet R.I.P. a punk band from the Basque Country, exactly from Mondragon, one of the first punk bands that existed in the Iberian Peninsula: they are considered one of the most influential bands in punk and hardcore from Spain. Originally founded as Double Zero in 1980 by the Bolinaga brothers, joined with Portu as first singer. Then in 1981 Mallabi comes as fixed singer and so continued for two years doing various shows. Mallabi was doin' his compulsory military service and was temporarily replaced by the band's manager, Karlos "Muhammad" Agirreurreta, who after a fight with Mallabi, when he returned, became the definitive singer of the band, and they consolidated as such to the final formation -Jul, Txerra, Portu and Karlos were redefined as RIP.

Since 1983, the group produced independently several cassettes with live concerts in order to portray the shows of the band as it were, until 1984, the label Spansuls Records published the Zona Especial Norte 12'', a split EP with Eskorbuto. In 1985, RIP participated as first band in the Basque Rock festival in Barcelona on 29 November. In 1987, they released their only album No Te Muevas! (Don't Move!), on Discos Suicidas. Soon after, they separated in 1988 because of internal differences, but occasionally met, as happened in 1991 to the surprise of many, a music festival organized by Arrasate Press, in the town of Mondragon.

Finally, in September 1994, they had a reunion concert, which was followed by their 2nd record called HIESari Aurre Egiten!! which in Castilian means "Facing AIDS Live", with almost all the songs fromt the first album plus versions of British groups. In February 1997, unexpectedly died bassist Portu. He was replaced by his brother Xabi, who was commissioned to play concerts until the breakup of the band. Later, he joined the group Gatillazo. They contributed a song for the Eskorbuto tribute compilation Tren Con Destino Al Infierno in 2000. More songs were released on various compilations. In 2002, the brothers formed in July with Evaristo and Jon Zubiaga The Kagas, which published a single album titled New Rock Heroes. In 2003, Karlos & Txerra participated in the documentary Música En Las Venas but unfortunately Karlos died in October at age 44 and the group was history. November 15, 2014, died Yul Bolinaga (former guitarist), when collapsing on stage during a concert with The Potes.

That's the story so far with unfortunately a sad end. We sincerely the deceased with a loud "Haut Rein Ey!" and enjoy finest Spanish punk rock!!

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