Monday, 21 December 2015

LOIKAEMIE - Wir Sind Die Skins 1999

One of the best German Oi! band is Loikaemie and I like all their records because in their lyrics they speak exactly of what I feel too, I can identify 100% with it. The band founded in October 1994 in Plauen, origin of the band were the two friends Ronny (guitar) and Micha (drums), who search in their circle of acquaintances musicians for a band. After repeatedly changes the band stands solid in form with Thomas (vox + guitar) and Ralf (bass) in the winter of 1994/1995. In 1995 the first demo tape comes out and a year later their first album 'Ihr Für Uns Und Wir Für Euch' was released which was indicated because the songs "Leichenschänder" and "Perverse Sau" have any idiots dislike (a re-release in 2000 comes without both songs and a new cover). After some line-up changes the 2nd album was released via Knock Out Records and again here convince the four with decent street punk and excellent words. 2002 was time for a double album, side-a with new stuff and the b-side with live material from a gig in Conne Island in Leipzig 2000. Five Years later a kind of Best Of record, again as a double album and finally in 2007 their last one. In 2014 the band broke up. Loikaemie were a skinhead band with a strongly anti-racist stand that had nothing to do with right/nazi shit and those people who stumble over because they u.a. cover an Onkelz song should be planting a new brain, morons!!! Vinyl-Rip with all scans, pick up!

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