Monday, 30 November 2015

V/A - Double Shot 1991

An interesting record is the cooperation between the Greek label Wipe Out! Records and the Belgian Boom! Records which had in early nineties this idea. The chance for bands from both countries to snag a little attention. Musically very quite varied, whether punk, alternative, ska and wave - everything therewith. I would say the perfect sound for a train or bus ride, coz you won't go quick aggressive, you know. Artwork and infos are even cool and so overall a double shot of firing songs.

2.The Farm Of Madness - PANX ROMANA
3.Jericho - NO MAN'S LAND
4.Nocturnal Love - DIRTY SAINTS
5.Need - BRUSH
6.The Midnight Bar - MELTING ASHES
7.Mean Mutha Fuckin' Man - THE MIDNIGHT MEN
8.Blow Your Head Off - HIBERNATION
9.Gimme Trash - THE SPANKS
10.Off The Wall - THE JAPS
12.Your Turn To Blow - KRIS T. & DSE
13.Always Doing Things - CANDY DATES
14.I've Made Up My Mind - THE STOICS

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