Sunday, 29 November 2015

THE DIRTY SCUMS - Dirty Songs 1985

Punkband The Dirty Scums was formed by Dirty Pik around Christmas 1981 and the bands first gig was played on 6.March 1982 and since then one of Belgium's oldest, most active and most independent punkrockband. In 1984 and 1985 they published their own fanzine that contained articles as well on music as on politix. The band sprayed all over the Flemish part of Belgium and became one of the main bands of the second Belgian punkboom together with others like Zyklome A, Capital Scum, Sponky Business, etc. In 1985, The Dirty Scums released their first album which was then the second album of this Belgian punkscene (the first one was made in 1984 by Zyklome A). It was the first album in a long line of products which were all released on their own independent label Dirty Records. It contains twelve so-called '77 Punk songs, one of which ("Martens, Jij Ouwe Rukker") becomes a culthit. The album was recorded in a rush time, which wasn't very good for the quality of the recordings, but the album sold quite well in Belgium. Live, they brought a great atmosphere among the punks in the audience and especially their music and lyrics are there to sing along, no macho stuff, born in the gutter/the streets, ordinary boys which found their own style. Yet, they don't lose heart and will pursue to death.

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