Monday, 16 February 2015

V/A - Killed By Death #4 1989

Well, nothin' new in Blogland with this post but this is my vinyl rip and if you have this unoffical record without artwork then choose this file and see all the liner notes inside. So, this is the last of the first four KBD classics. There are others in the series that are good, great even, but these set the stage for what has become a genre into itself. Almost as good as Volume 2, this marks the end of the contribution from the originator of the series. Mostly excellent tracks, the inclusion of both songs from the stupidly rare Rotters 7" is a bonus. Same for the 4 out 5 tracks from the Zero Boys EP. First pressing (700 copies) on black vinyl with yellow and black labels. Subsequent pressings on green vinyl with white and green labels. Also available on CD. Don't hesitate, click right now!!!! 

1.Stoned To Death - ZERO BOYS
2.Stick To Your Guns - ZERO BOYS
3.Sink The Whales (Buy Japanese Goods) - THE ROTTERS
4.Disco Queen - THE ROTTERS
5.Modern Needs - REALLY RED
6.Don't Hide Your Hate - FILTH
7.Alcoholiday - KAOS
8.God Is Dead - HEART ATTACK
10.I'm Bored - ZERO BOYS
11.A Piece Of Me - ZERO BOYS
12.Glad He's Dead - HUNS
13.No Productivity - SUBHUMANS
15.Fuck & Suck - MAD VIRGINS
16.I Think I Love You - ISM
17.Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me - JERKS

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