Sunday, 15 February 2015

LA BROMA DE SSATÁN - s/t 12'' 1982

La Broma de SSatán is a punk band from Madrid, Spain. The group's name is written sometimes, perhaps erroneously, as "The Joke Of Satan" (with one 'S'), and abbreviated (at least in the back of their first album) as 'SS'. Their extensive musical career begins in 1980, coinciding with the outbreak of punk and the beginning of the Madrid scene. The band released via Victory Records this Mini-LP in the late 1982 and it contains 7 killer tracks. They offer pretty well-done punk of both the '77 and more contemporary varieties. The song titles, which include "Pogo On A Nazi" & "You're Gonna Die In El Salvador" indicate their thematic concerns. Indeed a classic of it's own. Get It!!

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