Wednesday, 11 February 2015

RESTIVE BOYS - Die Wende EP 1983

Oh my god, this record reminds me to my beloved Girl everytime when I listen to it......I will spare me further fucking words. 

This was on my Wanted-List for years and I'm happy to have this finally..... here we go: "The drama began in the 60's as four tragic miscarriages the downfall of Western civilization initiated." So see The Restive Boys ironically themselves on their first EP (more detailed infos in the file, though in German). And Yes, they play a straight melodic punk sound with English lyrics. Founded in the early wild punk days in Lübeck, they play together for a year and they collected all their musical experiences and won the 1st place at a amateur rock competition in Schleswig-Holstein. They work further on their particular style and in 1983 they released the debut EP on their own label Restive Records with five excellent punkrock pearls. It's amazing how playful the boys are and dominate their instruments. I love this record, this exactly my taste. In 1986 follows the "Where's All The Hope?" single and two years later the only full length under the bandname The Rest Of The Boys called Days Weeks And Years with ten more classic melodic killers! For me a completely underrated band and I agree with Donot Duck "...even after 30 years still refreshingly genuine and authentic." Now the rampage can begin.


  1. cool! - this is an amazing band, thanks for this record Mr.WDM.


  2. never heard of this, sounds really cool, more?

  3. bitte diese hier auch weil leider down... danke dir vielmals

    1. erledischt - doch Obacht! die Scheibe macht süchtig ;)