Thursday, 12 February 2015

HURSKAS - Isänmaa Huumaa 7'' 1980

Hurskas from Hämeenlinna was formed sometime in 1979. Their first major gig was at Ämy festival in 1979, and the same year they recorded songs for Hilse's second compilation (also featuring Sig, Tinneri and Vandaalit), which was released early next year. Hurskas provides the roughest set on the compilation: the lyrics are fiercely political, and the compositions probably pleased not only punks but heavy metal kids as well. In 1980 second guitarist Jaakob joined the band and single Isänmaa huumaa was released on Hilse label. The band's style hadn't changed between recordings, the single tracks are as hard as the previous output. However, the band broke up before they managed to make an album. Just the cover design for the album (called Hartaita säveliä) was made before the breakup.

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