Friday, 16 January 2015

T.S.T - 7+12inch Collection 1981-1984

Another superb collection of 7+12inches in this file, the first EP Vås Punx (1981), No Teenage Future 12” (1982) and the Sweden 12” (1984). "T.S.T was formed 1977 in Västerås by Jarmo (JM’s), Karri (Zäba) and Nandor (Nalle), but then named Panic and later on The Rats (Rots?). The name T.S.T (The Schock Treatment) came from Ramones 2nd LP and the song Gimme Schock Treatment. The band played a lot at Bryggis in their hometown Västerås before the first 7inch came (Vås Punx EP), then followed a numerous of gigs around in Sweden. Then came (No Teenage Future 12”) and T.S.T took part in an live recording for national radio P3’s show Ny Våg (New Wave), it resultet in an LP which to put it briefly was called T.S.T. By this time a new drummer had replaced Karri for the recording of the album, then followed another Maxi (Sweden 12”), the band then changed members in a couple of rounds before the last Lp came in 85 (All Throught The Nights LP), where Karri had come back as drummer. After approximately 2 years T.S.T departed and was reformed to Grim Jacks, to eventually form Dynamite Wasteland by Jarmo" (source: Musically there are flaky '77 punk with a pinch of hardcore, a total of 22 songs.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -