Sunday, September 21, 2014

KLISCHEE - Normalzustand 1981

Klischee was a Hanoverian political punk band that existed from 1980 to 1984. The band was established in autumn 1980 in Hanover by former members of the punk bands Kondenssators, Rosa and P 38. After about seven months the first album was recorded. This LP gave a very unconventional Punk sound, which is attributable to his strong ska influences about, combined with the extreme left political lyrics. In November 1981, Klischee separated from their former lyricist, singer and guitarist Uli Heuer after the live recordings for the compi Korn LIVE - Ab Geht Er. The ex-Blitzkrieg-member Peter Ahlers was previously in the Band to joined them. With the 1983 released single "Das war der wilde Westen" approached the band to a New Wave sound without losing some of their texts in political sharpness. Previously the band, however, started to change their sound: Spoo also played saxophone, as well as his and Heuer's new songs showed hints of funk and jazz. In July 1984 they played their last gig. Konrad Kittner works with the Abstürzende Brieftauben, which he founded a year before as side project. David Spoo first played with the Trashbirds and in 1987/88 he moved to the Gay City Rollers. Peter Ahlers played with the legendary Boskops then finally set up with Rats Got the Rabies. In 1994 a compilation CD 'Krieg In Den Städten' with all previously released songs plus six previously unreleased rehearsal room recordings saw the light of day. In addition, there are other songs from the band which were never released. Normalzustand is a very nice varied D-Punk album and belongs in every well-stocked household.


  1. eins der besten d-Punk Cover ever, solch ein blöder Gesichtsausdruck und dazu der Bulle der drin steckt....famos......Mucke natürlich auch Sahne. TOP Album.

  2. podrías enviarme este álbum a mi correo por favor u.u lo llevo buscando mucho y nunca lo e visto por ningún lado

  3. Sorry to be a pain but is there any chance you could please reup this great record

    1. of course, I am always happy about good tastes. Enjoy!

  4. Many thanks for this one mate