Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ZE POPES - Hi Jinx EP 1980

 Here' s one from the Wanted-List and I'm glad to post this little wave/punk goodie now, my call were answered. Ze Popes was a shortlived punk/new wave band from Amsterdam and were formed in 1978 by Orpheus Roovers, Erik Eysbouts, and Jan Bloemers. They were an active live band, they toured amongst others in 1979 and they are best known for the single 'Sexy Pyjamas' on the independent label Plurex Records. Hi Jinx was released on Rosegarden and all 4 tunes have this charmin' mid-tempo sound and with 'PunkRocker' is a nice hymn on it and for me the winner here, very good lyrics by the way. Drummer Orpheus Roovers joined Minny Pops in 1982 for a short time. Jan Bloemers (bass/vocals) used to be part of a cult act called Felix Cat Mauw Wauw Groep. One of the members of Ze Popes has been bass player Hans Witteveen, formerly a member of the famous pop band Drukwerk. [Info from discogs]

- Extra Thx to François -

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