Wednesday, July 16, 2014

FRESHLY RIOTS - Delightfully Fresh EP 1982

OK, a lot of divshare links are alive and I wanna post asap a few from this folder. The first one is this delicate EP by one on my favourite bands from Denmark. Freshly Riots formed in Gedsted on 1 October 1981. First weeks of the groups life offers several replacements till finally ending with a crew called Jørn Iversen (guitar), Mike Hammer (bass), Christian Pedersen (drums), Michael Andersen on the keyboard and Bo Led Andersen on vocals. Mike and Richard had played together in the group Export and they were inspired by the Clash, Sex Pistols, Stranglers and UK Decay and then they found their sound. After two tapes their first vinyl comes out on Bondeskiver and this brilliant EP offers six classic KBD goodies. In 1984 the full length album 'Hope' (which I have somewhere online) with a more wave oriented sound but great and then they changed their band name into Freshly and released their final album 'Air (Quoth She)' in 1986. The band play at the Huset in Århus their last concert and dissolved finally in May 1989 when Mike and Michael are moving to Århus. Let's now enjoy this little piece of sunshine!

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