Saturday, 20 November 2021

SPERMA - s/t 12'' 1979

Before I do some essential housework today, first a fantastic reissue of late seventies by Sperma, a four piece from Zurich and active from 1978 to 1980, consisted of Peter (vocals), Päde (guitars), Tommy (bass), Turi (drums). They were cheeky, snotty and inexperienced and learned to play on stage. In their short lifespan they released four 7inches on Another Swiss Label, the same genius which brought us so many of Switzerland’s early punk releases and in August 1979 came Sperma's second record, a 12Inch, with these three songs; Pigs (Schmier), No More Love (from the first recording session) and Radio. On Pigs they demand the death to everybody in a blue uniform. The amazing thing is that this song is never the fell victim to state censorship. One has to assume that they never heard the song to this day. At No More Love, the farewell of the "Peace & Love" generation is resolutely demanded and on the song Radio the Swiss radio is attacked. This is the new edition with an informative, twenty page booklet in an edition of 100 copies in clear vinyl. Forty-two years after its first release, the Berlin label Static Age released this superb record again for the first time." Awesome sounds from a brilliant era!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, 19 November 2021

ROTTING CARCASS - Egal... 1995

Finally the weekend and let's roll in with a band that didn't bring much to vinyl but played solid D-Punk that can keep up with the big combos of the early Eighties. We're talking about Rotting Carcassa four piece from Kempten which formed 1982 by Batz & Hesse (vocals/bass), Tommy (guitars), Kurty (drums) and this nice compilation came via Six Pack Records (early copies are handnumbered on back cover) and contains the full 1984 studio session plus the few songs, a split EP and some sampler stuff, that the band released. An older review, but can also be quoted here: "They showcases a bright, fast HC sound augmented by clean and basic production, resulting in a pleasant dose of good German material." Steve Spinali (MRR #28 • Sep.1985) - That's right, enjoy eleven catchy & rare nuggets that garnish a short break from everyday life. Now it's time to open the first beer, Cheers! 

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Velvet Darkness They Fear 1996

This post would certainly not coming now, but one of my ex-girlfriends introduce me to them at the end of the nineties in form of a tape sampler with two songs on it and after the separation I bought this CD twenty-five years ago. Suitable for the weather, suitable for smoldering in nostalgia, suitable for cuddling; music from Scandinavia!

Theatre Of Tragedy consisting of Liv (soprano vocals), Raymond (vocals), Geir & Tommy (guitars) , Eirik (bass), Hein (drums), Lorentz (piano & synthesizer), and was a combo from Stavanger, originally assembled in 1993 and active until 2010. They started out as a doom and death metal band before becoming more of a Gothic rock band. Velvet Darkness They Fear is their second one, released via Massacre Records, and continued the bands particular brand of this style. Their sound is particularly defined by alternating and occasionally overlapping male death grunts with spherical female vocals, and this combination, which was copied later by many metal/alternative bands, is generally known as 'Beauty & The Beast'. Singer Raymond Rohonyis continues his early modern English lyrics in the nine songs. "Der Tanz Der Schatten", which is written in German, is the exception. The songs themselves rarely have a clear story, but death, undeath, demons and similar supernatural elements are all in the foreground. The lyrics to the songs are referred to in the sleeve notes as "pieces", "poems" and a "self-talk", depending on the roles the singers play. "The record is an impressive collection of beautifully crafted anthems, but at the same time are leaner, punchier, more melodic and emotional. The result is an album that is much more accessible, memorable and enjoyable than its predecessor, which is why many consider it the high point of the band’s career. The band’s line-up is largely unchanged relative to the debut album.... interesting band anyway, that can combine feelings and music in such a way that wild beasts are transformed into tame puppies and made a beautiful chapter in the history of dark heavy music."

A real masterpiece and definitely one of the best albums in this genre. TOP!!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

V/A - Beautiful Music For Beautiful People 10'' 1990

A tasty 10Inch compilation from Amity Records which was released in seven versions. Ten bands from every corner of the world show their skills to the best and their sound varies from solid punk pieces with a slight metallic hardcore touch. Some of them are well-known and some of the rest are only here. Comes with a decent booklet that is unfortunately missing, anyone useful scans for me? In short, thirty minutes of interesting music whose time you can take without regrets.

2.Full Circle - INSTIGATORS
3.Too Many People - SCOUNDRELS
4.Alla Kan Lyckas - 16 BLASARE UTAN HJARNA
5.Sharpen Your Ax - CRIB DEATH
7.People Like That Should Be Spayed - TIT WRENCH
8.Dissdents - FLITOX
9.Free The Five - S.S.D.C.
10.The Point Of Honor To Be Unintelligible - PRESIDENT FETCH

Monday, 15 November 2021

SUNSET BOYS - Wreck My Bed EP 1979

A rare piece from the Wanted-List next. The Sunset Boys, a duo comprising Max Sunset (vocals/guitars) and Owen Tidy (guitars/bass/drums), were formed 1977 in Brighton where both were studying art. In late April 1978 they unsuccessfully took part in the Melody Maker-sponsored 'Rock & Folk Contest' and were described in the paper's report as a "Punk-Country" combo. Early 1979 they recorded their first EP with four tracks which was released via the independant Gimp label in an edtition of 1000 copies, housed in a picture cover which clearly tried to suggest that they were Americans. The sound is primitive, under-produced, raw-to-the-extreme-garage-noises, lo-fi, excessive, brutal and pretty amateurish. They also known as Maxims Trash and Maximum Mania and they performed throughout the early Eighties but did not release any further vinyl. Extraordinary fun record that you can't hear every day.

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -

Sunday, 14 November 2021

NE LUUMÄET - Motelli 12'' 1990

It's got damn frosty and I'm afraid a long winter is ahead. It takes refreshing sounds to lift my mood and it comes from Helsinki today with Ne Luumäet, who has already appeared in the blog. Known for their ramonesque sound, on this 12'' is a song with Motelli taken from the Laki Ja Järjestys album and the flip shines with two goodies which were recorded live @ Tavastia Club 25.October 1990. You can't go wrong with such great role models. By the way, the cover adorns a well-known hotel that wrote film history, you all know it.

Saturday, 13 November 2021

THE CREEPS - Enjoy The Creeps 1986

Huiii, friends... here's something brand new on wdthtc and I'm excited about the guys. We're talking about the Creeps, a Swedish four piece from Älmhult (Aha!) and active from 1986 to 1997 and the band consisted of mastermind Robert (vocals(guitar/harmonica), Anders (bass), Hans (organ), Patrick (drums). Their debut was released 1986 on Tracks On Wax and the first press was only made in 226 numbered blue vinyl copies and you can guess straight away how rare this fucker isThe Creeps were arguably the best combo of the garage revival of the Eighties and this excellent album is a journey back in time to the beat generation of the Sixties and they never forgot the R&B roots under the fuzz, they put on a few dance and instrumental numbers on their debut and awesome ballads.

A review: "Ever since the release of the 1972 Nuggets: Original Artyfacts comp there have been bands like the Creeps, and most likely there always will be. The Swedish retro act aims squarely at mid-'60s garage rock, aping the bands that aped the Yardbirds, but thanks to inspired playing and inventive arrangements, they succeed in adding to the tradition rather than just running in place. Recorded with period-appropriate atmosphere (i.e. a thick, dirty echo), the Creeps bang out nine originals that channel the Animals and Them, delivered with power and precision. "Down at the Nightclub" leads off Enjoy the Creeps with a stiff swing and a booze-positive philosophy, then breaks down with a jazzy piano coda. Other highlights include the lascivious "Hi, Hi, Pretty Girl," the Farfisa-driven instrumental "Rattlesnake Shake" and the frantic drum rolls and fuzz solo on "Ain't No Square." A medley of Sonics covers ("Maintaining My Cool" and "I'm A Rolling Stone") is reverent and energetic, but won't change anyone's mind about the wild, rambunctious Northwest originals. In fact, the only thing missing on Enjoy the Creeps is a sense of true abandon, that apocalyptic spark that makes the most primitive, boneheaded garage bands like the Count Five or the Seeds so eternal. The Creeps are musicians, not punks, and while there's no lack of get-down vitality to their sound, they won't take the listener anywhere except the dancefloor. However, their pugnacious take of the obscure, middle-finger anthem "City of People" seethes with defiance ("Baby don't you mess with me/Cuz you know you could never bring me down/Hey Hey Hey!"), equaling the sneer of the original 1966 Illusions single, and nearly matching Fireworks' vicious 1995 rewrite as "City of Assholes." Garage rock revivalists will find lots to move to on Enjoy the Creeps, but the band didn't stay tied down to their nostalgic muse for long. The Creeps modified their sound in later years, taking on more modern elements with soul/funk textures that earned them a Swedish Grammy, and a big hit in their homeland with "Ooh, I Like It" in 1990." (Fred Beldin)

"Positively lives up to its title. This is a must for any fan of Swedish garage, or any garage music." (Dogtowne, MRR #40 Sep.1986) - Fits, fantastic stuff!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, 12 November 2021

PROPAGANDA - Machinery 12" 1985

The following band accompanied me in my teenage years and I still appreciate their fantastic music which is unique in its own way: Propagandaa German synth-pop band that was founded 1982 in Düsseldorf and particularly successful internationally in the mid Eighties, especially the debut 12Inch Dr. Mabuse. Machinery was the third single and appeared 1985 with the A Secret Wish album, the sales of which exceeded the million mark over time. The artwork of the single is designed by Morley had a quote from J. G. Ballard, in which he described the activity of the RAF as understandable. The German record company Ariola then refused to publish the cover in this form, so a different quote from Ballard was used for the German market. The album was characterized by an elaborately produced, danceable synth beat with a strong emphasis on melody, carried by the chilled vocals of the singers Claudia Brücken & Susanne Freytag. Differences between the band members, and the record company led to a lawsuit 1986 and the dissolution of the band. 1990 the second album 1234 was released with a new line-up, but the attempt to build on old successes was quite moderate. Without the two frontwomen, Propaganda turned to a drop in the seaWell, sometimes a short lifespan is enough to make a powerful impression, and the four made it.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

BIZON KIDZ - Get Your Kicks By Throwing Bricks EP 1981

The icon of Punk (Sex Pistols) had just disbanded and in England nobody cared anymore about rebellious young people with a preference for hard three-chord music. But Punk has proved to be a keeper to this day, both in terms of music style and attitude to life in the Netherlands and had just started in 1978 in many cities, including Utrecht (of course the hype which started 1976 in England & the U.S., had not gone unnoticed by the Netherlands before 1978.) On January 7, 1977, the Pistols performed @ Paradiso in Amsterdam and Iggy Pop scored a top forty hit with Lust For Life. The fierce and primitive sounds of such as the Ramones, the Clash, Sex Pistols, etc... had a great influence on Dutch musicians. This sound might be alive and kicking in Utrecht, but there weren't many places to play. Bizon Kidz were one of those bands that were founded in the late Seventies by Bertie & Ilonka (vocals), Oscar & Philip (guitars), Buffel (bass), Frans (drums) & released their only piece of cake on their own (500 copies) in the early eighties. Ten minimalist short songs with two-part singing are offered that can easily harmonize with the pleasant November sun, not bad at all!

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

V/A - Vancouver Evolution EP 1989

A little unofficial snack and I quote a fitting intro to it: "Many Canadian music fans would argue that during the punk and new wave eras, Vancouver was the home of the best Canadian bands, and this little piece of wax provides pretty compelling evidence." I think, many of you can confirm that without a doubt, because a lot of good bands came from this lively city. This underlines impressively the Last Call - Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988 2 CD compilation on which these four tracks originally appeared, all recorded between 1977-79 and all four are quite excellent. The Furies, from 1977, were the first Vancouver punk band. The Skulls and Stiffs both feature future D.O.A. and Subhumans members. Victorian Pork (BIZ on the Last Call CD) featured members from various Vancouver bands at various times. Nice packaging and an insert with lots of great infos about the bands and the Vancouver scene. Some copies are on blue vinyl (my copy) and these are essential '77 blasts!! - Rating: ten points from ten.

1.What Do You Want Me To Be - THE FURIES
2.Fucked Up Baby - THE SKULLS
3.Fuck You - THE STIFFS
4.I Don't Give A Shit - VICTORIAN PORK