Sunday, November 19, 2023

SKIDS - Charles EP 1978

Damn, I guess I caught a cold yesterday. The morning wasn't pleasant and I also had a bit fever, so I'll keep it short and am grateful for the intro information discogs has to offer: The Skids were a Scottish combo formed summer 1977 in Dunfermline and consisted of Richard (vocals), Stuart (guitar), William (bass) and Tom (drums). They rode into British consciousness on the new wave backwash to the ebbing tide of Punk. The release of their self-financed, attention-grabbing Charles EP (this record brought them to the attention of John Peel.) came at the time Richard Branson's Virgin label were busy accruing an eclectic roster of post-punk hopefuls. Consequently, with almost indecent haste, the band were tethered to what was to prove an optimistic eight-album deal. They published four albums in their first lifespan (I like their second one) which ended in 1982. Since 2007 they've been active again and their current album Destination Düsseldorf is waiting for you.

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