Tuesday, March 21, 2023

UTANGARÐSMENN - Ha Ha Ha (Rækjureggae) EP 1980

Let's move to the far north of Europe and meet a band that I'm happy to invite to my home and that led the New Wave movement in Iceland. We're talking about Utangarðsmenn from Reykjavík which were formed 1979 and this is their rare debut EP which came via Steinar. The name of Utangarðsmenn is complicated when talking about the Punk revolution that hit the country in the summer of 1980, although the band's music is considered much more rock than Punk. Utangarðsmenn appeared at the same time as Bubbi (vocals) as a solo artist, and changed the Icelandic music scene, which had been in the doldrums for many years. At the same time and as a result, fresh Rock & Punk bands sprung up in the same spirit and the country's youth absorbed new currents, a new revolution that surrounded Icelandic music, and even today there is a hint of those changes. It soon became clear to the people that something new was brewing, and the band immediately received a lot of support with their original raw sound and indeed also reggae music. Two 12Inches plus a single (guest on numerous compis) were made and in 1981 they disbanded after only two years. Brilliant stuff!