Saturday, August 20, 2022


Hardcore to the power of two, four smasher, two per band. Released via Rawmantic Disasters in an edition of 300 copies. First, Dissekerad (members of Totalitär & Makabert Fynd), a quartet from Stockholm and consists of Poffen (vocals), Mattis (guitars), Andreé (bass), Pyri (drums) and they deliver no frills. High end classic swedish Hardcore with hypnotic riffs, lovely straight forward in your face as you need it. Earth Crust Displacement from Berlin return with two songs from the 2016 session from the well known D-Takt Noize album. Raw, brutal, noisy and lovely distorted as a Fuck in the desert while it's snowing.

A solid review: "Two tracks of whirlwind Swedish Dissekerad. The pedigree here is formidable (I’ll just mention Avskum and Totalitär, because that should be more than enough), and the goods are worthy. A classic mid-paced cruiser starts off their side, and then they open it up with “Mardömmen Startar,” a pure fist-banging rager that leaves me reaching for 2015’s Mörkret Tilltar LP for more action. Germany’s Earth Crust Displacement takes a little of the nuance out of the mix, opting instead for a relentless high-speed D-beat crust assault. Noisier guitars, and they don’t even take the time to warm up your ears with an intro—they just fucking unload. I like the combination of the two bands—different but equally effective approaches to a tried-and-true genre. The split EP is a much-maligned format (and perhaps rightly so), but this one is worth its weight in wax. I expected nothing less from either band, and they both delivered." (Robert Collins, MMR #445, June 2020)

I'm going crazy, it's raining after so many sunny days. That's really remarkable, the meadows are strawy and anything but green. I guess it's similar across much of Europe & I'm really glad, I won't be here in a hundred years (sad the whole thing, or?), a red marker on the calendar! - Who cares.... enjoy the four single malts!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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