Tuesday, July 05, 2022

V/A - It's All Been Said Before... EP 1993

...Yes, it's a bootleg Punk!' and not a bad one at all. For an unofficial release, the artwork (a 9-Page booklet sleeve) is amazingly elaborate and available at a low price, I think I paid three euros for this slab. All songs are already been released, details here, and the song/band selection is also impressive and shines with nine fast loud goodiesSome familiar to me, some new. Reason enough to enjoy this record at a relaxed moment. It's going to be hot today, that means 🌞🌊

1.Adversity - CHUMBAWAMBA
2.Rules - B.G.K.
3.Police Brutality - URBAN WASTE
4.Police State - STATE
5.Polizia - IMPACT
6.Spero Venga La Guerra - WRETCHED
7.Common Sense - GOOGOL PLEX
8.Funny Dance - BRAIN DEATH
9.Never Ending Game - ABSOLUTION

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