Wednesday, May 18, 2022

EXTRA - Isabel 7'' 1982

Today is the day and I'm damn tense and can't wait for the kick off. An exciting match is guaranteed, 50:50 I would say, and both teams have enough fans on board in Sevilla that will hopefully create a great atmosphere. Of course, today's post belongs to the host country and it's from a short-lived band called Extra, a relatively unknown Spanish PowerPop combo from Madrid, I think, and they dealed their stuff in 1982 and that's it. Apart from the band members, Jaime (vocals/guitar), José (guitar), Bobby (bass) and Salva (drums), I can't tell much about them, but Isabel is the 45RPM of their only full-length on DB Belter. The title track is a solid swinging PowerPop gem. Catchy, melodic with a nice sing-along chorus, I love this song. The Flip, on the other hand, is very, very subdued and really not my thing, sounds strong soft-pop but I would be interested in their album and would be happy about a quality rip. Worth mentioning, Extra weren't anywhere invited on compilations, hmmmm... why could that be?? Egal, enjoy the record and in four hours rolls the ⚽ and I wish all football fans worldwide a fantastic and exciting evening. 


  1. Rangers fan here! Like your blog, some great stuff. May the best team win (Rangers! Lol!)

    1. Exactly, may the better win, [SGE :)]

  2. WOW!! War sicher ein ganz besonderer Abend für dich) Bist du schon nüchtern?))

  3. ohja, historisch perfekter Moment...... noch nicht wirklich :)