Tuesday, 18 January 2022

THE THOUGHT CRIMINALS - Edge Of Time 7'' 1980

The Thought Criminals formed in 1977 and were one of those unique bands whose popularity was based on their quirkiness as well as having great songs. Emerging from Sydney in late 1977 they found themselves wrapped up in the burgeoning Punkrock scene and over the course of three years recorded a handful of albums, singles and EPs on their own Doublethink label, a true representation of the Australian D.I.Y. punk spirit of the times. On their third 7Inch are involved Bruce (vocals), Stephen (guitars), Roger (bass), Derik (drums) plus Richard (violin) & John (organ) and it's more a new wave goodie with two decent songs (also suitable for wimps) and how they sound as snotty punkrockers can you check on some compilations or visit Mr. Old Wanker & Friends. In late 1981 the band played a live show at Chequers, after which the Thought Criminals disbanded. 

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